The Halcyon Days

Do you have a link to download the full album calling “Unreleased and Acoustic”, please I need it so much. :(

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No, I’m sorry :/

I have my own separation between Demos, Covers and Unreleased tracks D:

Hey, great tumblr - awesome and obscure Ellie stuff. I was wondering if you guys had any idea where I could find the instrumental for Believe Me? It's not under Bright Lights on the instrumentals page, but I'd really like to find it since I want to make mashups with the acapella! Or if you have the Believe Me acapella, that'd be great too. Thank you!

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Well no, I never got the instrumental of Believe Me :/

There are some instrumentals that never leaked.

Mp3 & live

Hello, can I ask if do you have the full album of “Ladies And Gentlemen: Ellie Goulding” and the other live download of “magicandstuff” ? I can’t find online and his tumblr is close :(
I really love the Ellie’s live mp3, I listen to it everytime. 
I found T In The Park now but I can’t find the other…
I know I can ask just about Ellie but do you know if on internet I can found the mp3 live of Lily Allen, Katy B and Lana Del Rey at the various festival in the UK like Glastonbury, I am desperately, for this I ask you xD
Thank you very much :* 

I’m sorry, I never downloaded it :(

About the other artists I don’t know, sorry.

Can you please make "an album" with all the songs from Ellie s performance at Glastonbury Festival? I mean separate the songs :) Please? By the way, I am in love with your blog, its so perfect (as Ellie (; )

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I’m sorry I don’t have the audio nor the video. I think they are somewhere in the internet though!

Sorry :(

Everybody uses WinZip and WinRar which aren't free and can't open all tipes of archive files. Try 7-Zip or the portable app Universal Extractor: both free and GREAT! Hope this will help who has problems with the first two softwares :)

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Well, yeah, aren’t free but I have never in my life had problems with WinRar, I have been using it for years even though the trial expires it works perfectly fine for me, I mean, I don’t even notice changes except for a little pop up window that shows up everytime I open a file, but that’s no problem.

Thanks for the help though anon. :)

Please upload the .wav figure 8 stems as singular downloads! I can't use winrar for some reason! (Also a non rar DL for the live amazon thing would be great too!)

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I’m sorry I don’t have the .wav stems. The ones I uploaded are .m4a files.

Tried luck with WinZip? I think that software also allows extraction of .rar files.