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Salt Skin (Acoustic) - Ellie Goulding

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Salt Skin (Acoustic)

by Ellie Goulding
album Bright Lights Acoustic

Ellie Goulding, Salt Skin Acoustic.

Does somone know when/where was this? Where did this come from?

Ellie said in Philly that she "cannot stop writing about boys and love" & feelings... I think we may have some guesses as to what at least a couple tracks could be about :')

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I see! That makes sense though, most of Ellie’s songs talk about love and such.

I’m so anxious for new stuff!

Have you ever wondered what the next album of Ellie Goulding ?

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I really can’t come to a concrete idea when thinking about it, it could be about anything!

Do you have the Coachella 2014 performance as separate audio tracks?!

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No :( I just got the Lollapalooza Brazil ones though.

Hello :) My name is Brian Matthew Hadsell and I am a Singer-Songwriter from San Francisco California. I would like to introduce myself and was wondering if you could please listen to my music on my tumblr?

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Sure, I’ll give it a listen later on today :)

The link is not working for Beating Heart instrumental. Can you fix it or reup it?

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Thanks for notifying, fixed!